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          YLM 72 Cell Series

          1960mm / 992mm / 40mm
          Type de Module
          • YL335D-36b, with peak power of 335 W
          • YL330D-36b, with peak power of 330 W
          • YL325D-36b, with peak power of 325 W
          • YL320D-36b, with peak power of 320 W
          • YL315D-36b, with peak power of 315 W
          • YL310D-36b, with peak power of 310 W

          The workhorse of our monocrystalline product line, the YLM 72 Cell solar panel is the largest in our portfolio and is ideal for large-scale power plants.

          This larger version facilitates cost savings at a system level e.g. for handling and installation, with the reassurance of proven Yingli Solar quality.


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