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          YLM 60 CELL HSF SMART

          1680mm / 992mm / 35mm
          Module Type
          • YL305DD-30b, with peak power of 305W
          • YL300DD-30b, with peak power of 300W
          • YL295DD-30b, with peak power of 295W
          • YL290DD-30b, with peak power of 290W
          • YL285DD-30b, with peak power of 285W
          • YL280DD-30b, with peak power of 280W

          The circuit design of YLM series modules developed by Yingli has been optimized. Each of its cell has been improved by bypass design so that they can be used in more shadowy and complex areas. Meanwhile, in land scarcity areas, the distance between modules has been shortened to increase the installed capacity and thus further improve power generating capacity in a systematic way.

          Click on the link below to view the previous generation datasheet:


          YLM 60 CELL HSF SMART (Version 1)

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