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          Commercial Solar Systems

          Yingli Solar offers a range of solar panel products for commercial purposes.

          Businesses across Australia – ranging from small to medium enterprises to large corporate offices and factories, farms, schools and community organisations – are reaping the benefits of investing in our solar panels.

          Here’s what to expect when switching to solar power:


            Complete our contact form to request a free quote for your business, school or institution. A qualified solar panel installer will contact you to discuss your needs, calculate your potential energy savings, provide a free evaluation and recommend the best solution for you.

          2. FREE ASSESSMENT

            A Yingli Solar installer will contact you to conduct a solar energy assessment of your commercial premises. If solar is suitable for your organisation, they will arrange a site visit to determine the structure and integrity of your roof and the best location for your solar system.


            Your Yingli Solar installer will provide you with advice on the best solar power financing options.

          4. THE RETURNS

            Your Yingli Solar installer will manage all aspects of the process from how to submit your permit and tax incentive applications through to connection, testing and on-going maintenance and support. Once your system is installed, your business will start to see savings on your energy bills; and with your solar energy monitoring system and 25-year performance warranty, you’ll have peace of mind for years to come.

          Join thousands of businesses saving money with Yingli Solar panels.

          Get A Free Quote Explore Projects

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